Local SEO Tips in 2021

In order to ensure you have your post and pages optimised for search engine optimisation SEO in 2021, you need to ensure you try to add the following techniques to your strategies. It works for both online & local businesses, below are some local seo checklist and examples

Look for old articles or blog posts and link your latest posts to those old ones, Google value relevant internal links, use Link Whisper plugin if you are using wordpress, it works for local seo business too.

Focus on finding low low monthly competitive keywords (broad and long tail) that can be easily ranked.

Publish content for an easy to rank and low hanging fruit keywords with search volume keywords of maybe 10-50 searches per month advised by Jon Dykstra (https://fatstacksblog.com/) and Steve Scott (HappierHuman.com) using ahref (paid service with 7 days trial) can help or just keep Ms Excel worksheet.

Target Long Tail Keywords, Debbie Gartner (theflooringgirl.com/) of TheFlooringGirl.com also uses ahref (paid service with 7 days trial) where she sort the keyword she was targeting and focus on the least competing keywords and use it in your content.

Ben Adler (keywordchef.com) uses Google Autosuggest for Keyword Ideas and you can “Keyword Everywhere” to find the search volume (0-100volume) and research for competitiveness. Go to Google and search for the keywords, look out for results from “user generated content” e.g. Reddit, Yahoo etc . If there is one, it shows that the keyword is not optimized and you can easily rank higher.

Become a guest on podcasts, boost your SEO ranking review

Perform a site audit of your website and ensure no links are broken, alt are on images etc modernmediasolution.com can help

Inspired by Side Hustle Nation Podcast https://www.sidehustlenation.com/seo-tips/